Ethical Codex

People who create and manage Print Union Sp. z o.o. undertake to follow the rules which are based on respecting human rights, sustainable development, and quality at every stage of the company growth.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. is introducing the Ethical Codex to ensure fulfillment of the rules both at the company, as well as entities collaborating with.

The Codex is being shared with our employees, suppliers, contractors, clients of the Print Union company by publishing it on the website, employees internal training.

Any­ case of violating the rules of the Ethical Codex should be immediately reported to the Print Union Sp. z o.o. management team.

The Ethical Policy applies to:

1. Work standards

2. Environmental protection and ecological activities

3. Standards of cooperating with clients

4. Safety

5. Information and data security passed to Print Union Sp. z o.o.

Work standards

Print Union Sp. z o.o. and all its workers are obliged to respect international standards in terms of human rights and generally applicable labor law, including all its provisions related to recruitment, employment, and dismissal of employees.

Complies with the prohibition of discrimination based on race, social status, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, relationship or political affiliation, age, or marital status. It guarantees freedom of opinion, conscience, and religion as well as freedom of belief and expression.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. pays its workers regular and fair salary, non-infringing legal requirements in terms of minimum wages. All employees know their salaries and any additional information regarding their wages before attempting to work. Deductions from wages not provided by the national law are not permitted. Deductions can only be made on the terms and within the limits provided by law.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. takes actions for the work environment being free from any kind of mobbing and violence (both physical and mental), both from their supervisors as well as other employees or third person.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. does not employ children younger than 15 years old, doesn't practice slave and forced labor, the use of violence, threats, and corporal punishment as well as a prohibition of sexual harassment, and the working environment is considered to be free from these practices.

Employees have the right to create and join any kind of trade union and have the right to initiate collective bargaining with the employer. Employee representatives aren't discriminated against and have full rights to perform their actions in the working environment.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. absolutely follows the rules of occupational health and safety, performs work training on their staff before attempting to work, and also implements methods improving employees' safety, taking into account the current technical knowledge and risks characteristic to the Print Union Sp. z o.o. activity.

Environmental protection and ecological activities

Print Union Sp. z o.o. complies with the regulations about environmental protection, knows important environmental aspects and impact of its actions on the environment. The staff is trained in this area. Print Union Sp. z o.o. declares, that all of the materials and components used for the production are being gathered complying with international and local legal requirements. The company has its internal procedures ensuring sustainable development, minimizes the impact on the natural environment by reducing the use of natural resources and waste generation.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. makes their employees aware of possible pro-ecological activities to perform in the production facility.

Standards of cooperating with clients

Print Union Sp. z o.o. builds with clients relations based on trust and mutual respect. It complies with its obligations, takes all actions to deliver declared quality, and verifies its clients' needs in this aspect.

Print Union Sp z o.o. complies with the rules of fair competition, does not tolerate any kind and form of corruption. It cares about transparent and mutual business relations.


Print Union Sp. z o.o. provides a secure and hygienic working environment. Employees are trained in the field of occupational health and safety following the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of October 9, 2007, and have valid health and safety training certificates.

We take all the necessary actions to prevent any accidents and health detriment as the result of work, by minimizing any dangers that might occur, as far as it is possible.

Employees have their social facility: a dressing room with individual lockers, a place to store food and comfortably eat meals.

Information and data security passed to Print Union Sp. z o.o.

Print Union Sp. z o.o. complies with any obligatory law regulations associated with the protection of intellectual property, information that is secret for a company, and personal data protection.

Employees are responsible for the correct use of the resources at Print Union Sp. z o.o: intellectual property, software, hardware and any other tools needed, and provided by Print Union Sp. z o.o to perform its duties.

Print Union Sp. z o.o properly stores and secures documentation regarding business activities being a part of cooperation with clients.