Thermal transfer – It is a durable and flexible method of printing on T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, sportswear and gadgets. It’s perfect in the case of diversity of goods and the necessity of putting the logo in a hard-to-reach location.

This method takes place in two stages. In the first one, the print is made with screen printing on the transfer film, and then it is covered with a layer of loose glue so that it adheres well to the fabric. In the second stage, the print is transferred to clothing by means of a press heated to high temperature. Thanks to this, indirect screening marking is extremely durable.

Transfers – When extreme detail is required, when screen print isn’t quite detailed enough, won’t quite do it, and when sublimation won’t save the day. It has amazing detail because it’s printed onto a paper first, so onto a much smoother substrate than a textile, that will hold a really fine dot, and then be heat applied to the garment. The print onto paper first bit helps, because in essence a textile is a bunch of holes which will break up a direct print.


Mill make your designs come alive with light-catching reflections and highlights and is perfect for a variety of heat transfer applications

Glitter Screen Printed Transfers

The latest trend in screen printed transfers. Glitter screen printed transfers add sparkle to your design and can be applied to any color apparel. Request a Glitter sample.

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DTF Transfer

This new game changing transfer introduces our newest technology where full color, digitally printed graphics become one with the apparel. The final result look perfectly like photographic. DTF Transfers are so much better than they used to be back in the bad old days of feeling like you were wearing an ironing board.

High-Visibility Reflective Transfers

Perfect for your safety customers including fire, police, EMS, and security.

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